In April your mower comes back to work

Apr 06 2021
In April your mower comes back to work

After a winter without mowing the lawn, your lawn will start growing again in spring! April is the ideal month to start caring for your lawn. In particular, this includes mowing your lawn regularly.

What are the advantages ?

Your lawn will be more beautiful, more compact, greener and enjoy full health. Mowing also prevents the spread of moss or weeds as cutting the blades of grass increases density. This will ensure the health of your lawn!

How often do you mow?

The frequency depends on the desired result, but also on the seasons: in spring it is ideal to mow once a week. During the summer it is best to mow every two weeks and just before winter it is recommended that the lawn be cut very short.

Some tips

1. Before you start mowing your lawn, make sure that no objects, branches or stones have accumulated on your lawn while you are not mowing.

2. You can now start mowing. First, focus on the obstacles by mowing around them: tree trunks, flower bed borders, fence bases ...

3. It is advisable to mow parallel strips. Cross the direction of travel each time to avoid running around on the same grass over and over again. Be careful, it is not recommended to mow when your grass is too dry or too wet as it will damage the grass or clog your discharge chute.